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  • Race Horse Company

Friday 2 July

Quartier le Montcel
Rue Claude Touche
La Ricamarie

Saturday 3 July

Quartier Dramoison
Rue du 19 mars 1962
Quartier Dramoison
La Ricamarie

Halles de la Chapelle
Quartier La Chapelle

La représentation prévue dans le quartier Dramoison est déplacée le même jour à Andrézieux-Bouthéon à 17h00.

Sunday 4 July

Musée de la Mine
Puits Couriot

Free event*

Duration : 40min

*Due to the sanitary norms the show is subject to a limited gauge.


Avec le soutien de l'ONDA - Office National de Diffusion Artistique

Motosikai is a show based on absurd, dark humor and chaos. The three mates from Race Horse Company do a series of rocking and acrobatics numbers, juggling on skis with swords, alternating with breathtaking aerobatics on their van.

Relentlessly, acrobats soar into the sky like superheroes and take risks in order to make us shive and laugh at the same time. With its clownish dimension, its exuberance and daring, Motosikai is a show of incredible stunts that leaves its audience breathless.

This year, Race Horse Company returns to the Festival des 7 Collines with a creation that is very them: an explosive raw and sensitive circus masterpiece.

A breathtaking show, not to be missed!

Credits :

Directeur : Rauli Dahlberg. Artistes : Rauli Dahlberg, Teemu Skön & Lassi Tauriainen
Musique : Sami Tammela, Ben Rogers.
Remerciements : Lauri Koskinen, Sari Laksoand, Many More...