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Thursday 1 July

Friday 2 July

Salle Aristide Briand
Place de l'Hôtel de Ville

Prices : 20 € - 16 €

Duration : 1h15

The daredevils of Analog Company invite us to a high-energy evening, fueled by live music and acrobatic madness. Powered by a pop diva, this festive show, halfway between the cabaret and the rock show, seduces us immediately !

The acrobatics are linked to the rhythm of the numbers performed by the eight artists, each highlighting his colorful personality. Accomplices, players, the company mingles with the audience and shares his boundless energy.

“This festive and effervescent apotheosis is a reflection of this spectacle without dead time in which we find all the spirit of the circus: the strength of the troop, the taste for risk and a communicative pleasure. A success across the board. " Josée Lapointe, La Presse Magazine (Quebec)

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Credits :

Artistes : Bertan Candelbek, Ole Lehmkuhl, Manda Rydman, Richie Maguire, Carlos Zaspel, Lukas Thielecke, Florian Zumkehr.
Batterie et composition : Lukas Thielecke. Chant : Kesia Clémence A. Quental et Imani Pearl Williams.
Composition : Lukas Thielecke, Ena Wild.
Directeur de création et interprète : Florian Zumkehr. Coach créatif : Rostislav Novak Jr.
Conception des costumes et du maquillage : Kristina Zaveska.
Conception de l'éclairage : Ondrej Kyncl.
Design : Hynek Drizhal.
Arrangement musical et conception sonore : Jindrich Kravarik.
Peintre de plateau : Lukas Musil.
Directrice de production : Betka Hockova.