NIKKI & JD __ June 30rd. KNOT

Circus - Angleterre

  • NIKKI & JD __ June 30rd
  • NIKKI & JD __ June 30rd
  • NIKKI & JD __ June 30rd

Saturday June 30rd
08:30 pm 

Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain
Rue Fernand Léger

Rates : 14€ - 10€

Free visit of the museum from 06:30 pm to 07:30 pm, on presentation of the ticket.

Time : 55min

For all audience

2018 creation - First

Knot is an acrobatic show about a adventitious encounter between two acrobats: a frustrated lover and an aborted dreamer. While the performers accomplish awesome scales and stunts, their head is elsewhere, towards other romances.

Fun and heartbreaking, Nikki & JD navigate in this show between reality and fiction, with great sharpness.

"Like all good human relations stories, Knot is as funny as heartbreaking.” The Place Reviews

Co-produit par Jacksons Lane. Metteurs en scène : Rosamond Martin, Nikki Rummer, Jean-Daniel Broussé. Interprètes : Nikki Rummer, Jean-Daniel Broussé. Chorégraphie : Ellis Saul, Pippa Duke. Mentor : Ben Duke. Créations lumière : Will Ingham. Photographe : Fabio Affuso. Costumes : Oliver Garcia. Musique : Musique originale de Tim Lenkiewicz. Crédit photo : Phil Fisk et Fabio Affuso.